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Nehha Bhatnagar

Licensee & Curator

Nehha is the youngest arts impresario in India, today. She is a force of change in the field of performing arts in India. Based in South Delhi, she started Sarvam Foundation in 2012 and today at 29 years of age, through Sarvam’s work, she has charted many new territories for the arts. She is also an accomplished young Bharatanatyam dancer; she tours internationally and nationally.


Rohan Thapar

Programme Manager

Rohan is an Engineer and working with a Michigan-based Energy and Utility firm, Armstrong Inc. Previously, he had year-long stints at Google and Facebook, working with their Product Teams as a student. He believes that sincerity gives wings to strength and his keen interest in arts and the intricacies which go behind performing Arts, fascinates him and brings him to TEDxTughlaqRd.


Ankit Jain

Head of Finance

Ankit, an ardent enthusiast of Art of living, hails from Bangalore and is an entrepreneur micromanaging his OEM serving hydro-industry. His inclination towards Project Management and visual performing arts made him abstain from a professional engineering degree. Since inception of college, his keen insight in exploring platform, people and places motivated him to take the road really less traveled. Seeking knowledge brings him to TEDx TughlaqRd.


Dhruv Avdhesh

Head of Technology

Brain of a techie, yet heart of an artist!
Dreamer. Believer. Innovator.
Dhruv follows curiosity over passion and he loves to make friends with stress. A chain reaction is what drives him crazy and beware, he asks tons of questions. Moreover, he personally believes in the idea that there is no scheduled time for anything and magic happens when we step out of our comfort zone. The motto of his life is to do what he loves and hence be happy!


Inni Singh

Photography Partner

Inni Singh is one of the most renowned performing arts photographer in India. A third generation music instruments store owner, his foray into Classical Dance began recently but has taken the world of arts by strom. A passion for photography, his work is beautiful and organic. He is India's leading professional photographer for Pre - Arangetram Studio shoots, Indian Classical Dance and Music performances.

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